For Cutsomers


LEGAL WORK is a recruitment agency speicazed in employment of labor in the European Union. We recruit candidates from all around Moldova, having a wide range of job offers.


We can boast of successfully placed candidates in different countries and industries, but also within business partnerships with employers and recruitment agencies from the European Union. We gather CVs for an impressive database, designed to help our partners and employers.


Besides mediating jobs abroad, we offer advice and career guidance, preparation of all legal forms for work permits in countries with legal restrictions and monitoring for the duration of the employment contract, giving you a continuous support service. We keep you abreast of new offers, once you subscribe to our information services.

For Partners


We have an impressive database of CVs of people that are in process of seeking for a secure job in Europe. We keep you updated with the latest records of CVs and answer all questions immediately.


You will have access to the entire database of resumes and will hire specialists perfectly corresponding to your needs. Your company will find skilled workers in quick time.


When there is a new resume, especially if it meets your requirements, You will be notified in time to have access to all details of the new CVs.

Why choose Legal Work?

We have the most attractive work programs in countries of great interest to You, such as United Kingdom, Germany, Poland but the labor market access is difficult due to high competition between candidates. To find employment in EU countries matching your profile, call us! Together we’ll build Your career!

The company will use all available resources and skills to provide quality services, appropriate to the requirements expressed by customers. LEGAL WORK aims to become a team that helps people to believe that their dream can become reality.

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