Legal Framework

The company is licensed in recruitment and employment abroad. All offers on the official website are created according to the current needs of employers and are exclusively for legal work abroad. Job offers are secure, created by a special regulation, which aims personal record protection and health protection of the employee in accordance with the Labour Code of the European Union. Whenever a candidate joins us to work abroad, he shall meet all working conditions in order to receive agreed wage, expenses, bonuses and other benefits. The contract is concluded for a definite or indefinite period, if the employer is satisfied by employee’s productivity, it is possible, in most cases, to extend his contract in accordance with EU Labor Code. Each candidate is given the chance to prove himself, even if it has little or no experience. All those interested in job offers of LEGAL WORK are invited to visit us at our office on 52 Tighina str., Chisinau.

Contact any office of LEGAL WORK

Contact your local office of LEGAL WORK. You can find our addresses shown on the map. Work consultants will present the job offers and will provide all details of the job offer you choose.

LEGAL WORK will announce the date of the interview with the employer from EU. Our consultants will prepare You for this interview. Interviews are held once a month in Chisinau, Balti, Cahul, Chimişlia. The employer either comes to these cities and discuss with each candidate individually or holds a skype interview. The interview may be attended on Skype, at any LEGAL WORK office that you ask. LEGAL WORK experts will announce the date of the interview with the employer and will prepare You for this interview.

Visa and leaving to the EU employer

Two days before the date of submission of documents to the consulate (if a viza is needed), LEGAL WORK will contact you to ask you to raise from our office the whole package of documents ready for the Consulate. On set, you will make a trip to the Consulate to apply for visa, having all individual package of documents ready, and over eight days You’ll be asked to collect the passport with the visa. As a result, You’ll get a visa type “D”, ie visa that gives You the right to work legally abroad and is issued for a period of 6-12 months. Since You have presented the passport with visa and invitation to work (or work permit) at the office of LEGAL WORK, You will be booked for the departure to work abroad. Departure will take place in an orderly group, coordinated by specialists of LEGAL WORK.

Present the necessary documents

LEGAL WORK specialists will ask You a certain minimum list of documents necessary for applying for an invitation to work abroad and fulfilling the individual employment contract:

  • Travel passport valid for at least 12 months
  • Valid ID for at least 12 months + Annex.
  • Marriage certificate, divorce - as appropriate
  • All diplomas: secondary school, high school, vocational school, college, university, masters, etc.
  • Work license. Driving of any type of car, tractor, other machines etc. Military record (if you are subject to the military)
  • Other professional qualification certificates, participation in training courses, internships etc. (if appropriate).

Submission acts package at the Consulate of Poland in Chisinau

After the interview with the employer, the consultants of LEGAL WORK shall book you for submitting the package of documents for the Consulate and will take care of preparing all documents for visa.

Warning: The package of documents is submitted individually by each worker! Check the validity of your passport before submitting documents to the office of LEGAL WORK! Our specialists will explain You how to reach the any Consulate in Chisinau.